Google Adwords optimization technology that grows your business and your profitability

RocketROI is the leading technology in the creation, management and optimization of Google Adwords campaigns for Search, Display, Remarketing, Shopping and Video. Save time and money, set your target and leave our powerful robots to take care of creation, management and optimization of your campaigns on a large scale.

The perfect structure for Google Adwords campaigns

Create advanced matrix structures with maximum accuracy. Reach 100% of your potential audience by building campaigns with hundreds, thousands or even millions of keywords. Activate Autopilot™ and sleep peacefully knowing that you will only be advertised using keywords that match your objective. Synchronize your data feed and bring your campaign structure to life, dynamically.

Analysis & perfomance reports in Google Adwords, counting every penny

The fast and flexible RocketROI desktop report creator allows you to monitor the performance of your investment from every atmosphere: Mesosphere, Stratosphere or Troposphere! In technical terms: create powerful performance reports on account, campaign, ad group or keyword level with the accuracy and customization you need. Use RocketROI to build your own control panels and customized reports with the drag & drop function, by navigating in an easy, intuitive and comfortable way around the performance of your campaigns.

Optimize your cpc bids to the maximum

Thanks to our efficient robots you will be able to optimize your campaigns effectively in Google Adwords Search, Shopping and Remarketing; increase your ROI, reduce your losses and prioritize the conversions by choosing how much you want to spend.

Effective management of Google Adwords users and customers

With a practical and careful design, the RocketROI customer centre will allow you to manage user lists and their levels of access, connect your e-mail server and create your personalized signature when you send e-mails.

Synchronize your product feed in Google Adwords in real time

Feed Editor™ is the perfect solution to create, edit and optimize campaigns in Google Adwords in an effective, profitable and automatic way. A group of integrated tools allows you to update your campaigns dynamically from any field of your data feed.
Set your objective ROI dynamically and RocketROI will follow your rhythm. Decongest your investment in generic keywords and reach 100% of your long tail audience.

Connect your Google Adwords account to RocketROI

We are a certified Google partner and work together for an easy, simple and fast integration. For this reason our commitment to quality is a 1 minute maximum to connect your Google Adwords account to RocketROI.

Choose your plan and take off

Just like Google Adwords, RocketROI is accessible to big, medium and small advertisers. Our prices are public and they adapt proportionally to every level of investment and requirements, no matter what.