A new accuracy standard

We were also tired of doing it as always, and nothing that we had tested before convinced us. This is why RocketROI Display was born, the first optimization engine aimed at results in the Google Adwords Display network. Optimize your segmentation automatically by location and price of your campaigns, creating a new accuracy standard on the market. Set your business target, create your ads and let RocketROI do everything else.

With RocketROI, escalating your display investment in a profitable way is possible.

The definitive technology for Google Adwords display optimization

Land only on the best planets

Did you know the Google Adwords Display Network has more than a 100 thousand million pages? So… Why advertise on pages that offer you many clicks but no conversions? Why not optimize performance by ruling them out?
With the efficient RocketROI control & optimization robots built for Display you will have the assurance of building, debugging and optimizing your display campaigns automatically to obtain maximum performance of your daily budget. In real time, 24/7.

Not even with a human army could you do it better than with RocketROI Display technology.

Automate processes, optimize your time.

RocketROI Display is specially designed to simplify your tasks in the Google Adwords Display network. Focus on strategy by designing spectacular ads, fix your business target and leave our technology to take care of everything else. Segmentation of portals, adjustments of bids according to device, time slots, geographical segments, adjustments of bids according to performance, statistical rotation of ads… Only set the speed of optimization: aggressive, moderate or conservative? And accelerate!

With RocketROI your time is money.

Google adwords perfect structure
The perfect Google Adwords structure The definitive guide to building structures for Google Adwords search campaigns
Great! Now you're one step away from your conquest of Google Adwords.