The definitive ROI optimization algorithm for Google Shopping

A new standard in Shopping

We know that in Shopping campaigns sales is what you are looking for, and furthermore, you want every sale to cost you proportionally to what you are willing to pay. Well, put on your seat belt, connect the automatic pilot and take off. With RocketROI Shopping optimizing your campaigns has never been this easy: connect your product feed, tell us your target Cost per Conversion and we will do the rest. Because more than 10.000 users like you already have their campaigns in Google Shopping optimized automatically with RocketROI, with the assurance that every click will be paid at the exact price that maximizes sales, and at the Cost per Conversion they fixed, and no more. And never again leave it in the hands of others. Google Shopping is easy, let's make it easy.

With RocketROI™ Shopping escalating your investment profitably in PLA Google Shopping campaigns is possible.

Strategic bid management for ROI

CPC bids influence Google's decisions when showing your products. But we both know it's no use paying more to sell more if it's not profitable. You have to adjust bids according to the performance of every product. RocketROI will increase bids for those products that are more profitable in order to maximize your Return on Investment, will set a lower bid for those less profitable products and will reduce the budget for those products that are not profitable. Increase traffic for your PLA campaigns and reach 100% of coverage.

With RocketROI Shopping statistically optimizing every product and making money is possible.

Discover new territories and stake your flag

Segment and ungroup your data feed automatically, indicate a business target for every group of products and RocketROI will optimize quickly your investment in order to optimize your ROI, in every territory. Statistic rotation of groups of attributes allows you a higher capillarity of segmentations and the possibility to reach much more specific audiences at more economical CPC's, something only longtail can offer you. Millions of products are being optimized every single day in Google Shopping with RocketROI.

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