The perfect structure for Google Adwords campaigns

Advanced Matrix Structures with EMMPC™

Our advanced matrix creator allows you to reach maximum accuracy in your campaign structure. RocketROI EMMPC is the result of 10 years of experience and scientific investigation by RocketROI engineers. It helps you to build the definitive structure for your Google Adwords campaigns. RocketROI EMMPC has been recognized as a successful technique by leading advertisers and by our excellent results.

With RocketROI the perfect campaign structure is possible.

Reach 100% of your audience

Create structures with hundreds, thousands or even millions of keywords in a few seconds. Organize your campaigns by Brand, Generic, Sub-generic, Category, Sub-category and final Product. Maximize your Keyword and Ad Group list by optimizing their clickthrough rates (% CTR) and Quality Levels that guarantee you the most economical CPC. Activate RocketROI Autopilot™ and sleep peacefully while your campaigns optimize their bids in real time.

With RocketROI reaching a 100% of your SEM audience is possible.

Synchronize your Feed and bring your campaigns to life

Create Google Adwords campaigns dynamically and in real time. Enable or disable your Campaigns or Ad Groups in function of your stock. Edit Ad Copies, Retail Prices and Ad Extensions limitlessly with no penalties in your historic performance and achieve more economical CPC’s. Rotate ads infinitely until reaching perfection in a scalable and profitable way.

With RocketROI your data feed and your campaigns are one.

Cross Negative Keywords: Your security net

Investigate and discover new keywords with the security offered by you our massive negative keyword generator. Build a negative matrix of hundreds, thousands or even millions of negative keywords in a few seconds. Make sure every ad will only be shown for exactly the search you want. Without fear target keywords in broad match and broad match modifier type. RocketROI Autopilot™ never pay more than you need to for each click.

With RocketROI the perfect negative keyword structure is possible.

Google adwords perfect structure
The perfect Google Adwords structure The definitive guide to building structures for Google Adwords search campaigns
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