Synchronize your product feed in Google Adwords in real time

Feed Editor™

Business intelligence of Feed Editor™ reads in real time your data feed (.txt .csv o .xml) and updates all fields related to your campaigns without penalties in their historic, by offering you a better performance and more economical CPC’s. With Feed Editor™ synchronizing your inventory with Google Adwords in real time is possible.

The perfect Solution for Google Adwords® Search, Shopping, Display and Remarketing

Feed Editor™ is the perfect solution to create, edit and optimize campaigns in Google Adwords in an effective, profitable and automatic way. A group of integrated tools allows you to update ads from any field of your data feed, define Costs by target Conversion at a product level and update them in real time from your data feed. Build millions of campaigns, ad groups and keywords in seconds.

Activate Autopilot™ and surf peacefully with the confidence of having optimized your CPC's.

Welcome to the Dynamic Cost per Conversion

One product, one margin, one CPA objective. Why have the same target Cost per Conversion for all your campaigns? With Feed Editor™ you can define a target CPA absolute or relative, at a campaign, ad group or keywords level.

Explicit business intelligence is possible with RocketROI Feed Editor™

Target all of your audience by reaching all long tail searches, guaranteed.

Decongest your investment in generic keywords and reach 100% of your long tail audience. All of us know that CPC's for generic keywords are inflated, full of competitors and low conversion rates. Why continue only there? With the RocketROI Feed Editor™ you will be able to build, edit and optimize long tail campaigns with less competition and better conversion rates in an automatic, smart and scalable way.

Escalating your investment in a profitable way in Google Adwords is possible with FeedEditor™.

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