General Conditions

1. General Conditions for Software as a Service Customers (SaaS)

1.1. Levels of acces: The conditions of access and functionalities available to a client are linked to the type of account contracted at the time of the user’s registration. RocketROI reserves the right to change at any time the current rates and accesses.

1.2. Service Level agreement (SLA): Questions or issues should be resolved by consulting our knowledge base or by writing to The answer of any incident is linked to the type of account that the client has contracted.

Customer service hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. GMT + 1. Customers will have guides such as wizards, tutorials, webinars and Knowledge Base information articles in order to know the RocketROI technology, which may vary according to the level of access contracted. RocketROI reserves the right to cancel or change the date of any event, webinar or concerted call.

1.3. Payment Methods: In order to have access to the RocketROI technology and the correct operation of the processes, the customer needs a valid credit / debit card. The insertion in our DB of a method of payment implicitly authorizes RocketROI to carry out the contracted position.

In the case of a refund or other problems when making a charge on the credit card, the company will be responsible for paying the charges incurred. The charge will be made in the currency specified at the time of registration (currently EUR or USD). Any charge for currency conversion applied by the customer’s bank will be borne by the customer.

2. User profile and personal data:

The user will have free access to the information published in RocketROI.

The user will be responsible for the accuracy and veracity of their personal data provided in the registration of forms of RocketROI, as well as of future modifications, having to inform RocketROI of the changes made and updating them.

The user will be solely responsible for the user name and password of the account.

The user is responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the personal data provided in the sign up and for future modifications, and must inform of such changes and update them.

The user is responsible for the confidentiality of his username and password and its use. In the hypothetical case of detecting unauthorized use of this data, you must inform RocketROI immediately of the situation.

3. User obligations:

The user is responsible for the content that he can contribute using either texts, links, opinions, numerical parameters, comments, etc. The user will have all rights to the publication of these contents in the RocketROI website.

The publication of contents will not be allowed as:
·Foreign and non-consensual advertising with RocketROI
·Irrelevant content
·Comments not related to the publishing framework
·Pornographic, erotic or obscene content
·Content that violates the rights of third parties, including expressly the copyright and the protection of data of third parties
·Content that implies a breach of any legislation: Defamatory, vexatious, homophobic or racist content towards any person ( legal or physical ).
·Questionnaires or chain letters whose purpose is to collect personal data of users, in particular for commercial purposes

The user will be responsible for:
·Do not open more than one user account, even when giving different e-mails
·Do not use programs or functions that automate the functions of generating content or visiting pages
·In case of violation of the general terms and conditions RocketROI reserves the right to delete user accounts without giving any explanation.

4. RocketROI is not responsible:

The user disclaims any responsability to RocketROI against any third party claims generated by the content or advertising management decisions made by the user or by RocketROI. RocketROI reserves the right of legal defense against such possible claims.

The user will support RocketROI in the fulfillment of said claims, in particular providing all the necessary information for its legal defense.

The user will be responsible for the refund of damages to RocketROI for claims of third parties resolved favorably. This includes legal costs.

5. Content Playback:

The information and contents of RocketROI are legally protected. Reproduction, especially for commercial or advertising use, is only allowed after approval of RocketROI. The permit can be requested in a particular way.

6. Content Guarantee:

RocketROI users contribute texts and content in the way that each one knows, not being RocketROI nor the user responsible for the quality, credibility or accuracy of the data freely provided by the user to RocketROI.

Readers and users use RocketROI content at their own risk and interpretation, in particular for the choice of accommodation, travel or other services based on the content of RocketROI. The content generated and published by users does not represent the opinion of RocketROI, and RocketROI does not adopt this content as its own.

RocketROI is not responsible for the quality or accuracy of this editorial content.This will never apply in case the content is violated of rights of third parties, in which case the legal responsibility will not be altered.

7. Technical responsibility:

RocketROI shall not be liable for technical errors whose cause is not the direct responsibility of RocketROI. RocketROI will not assume any guarantee of the continuous availability of data and may choose to remain in a state of time not available for technical and maintenance work.

8. Advance notice and cancellation:

RocketROI may cancel a user’s access within 30 calendar days and delete their registration. The user can notify with the same time frame. RocketROI reserves the right to cancel at the moment it decides that its presence may impair the stability of the website.

In case of termination of a user, RocketROI will be able to continue making use of the content that he himself added during his stay in RocketROI as a user.

9. General conditions changes:

Registered users will receive the changes made in the general conditions by email. Users can download the general conditions of RocketROI as well as print them on their computer.

10. Law and Jurisdiction:

The user accepts at all times the use and application of the law in force under the Spanish legislation. The area of jurisdiction of RocketROI is Spain and any litigation of a legal-administrative nature will be resolved in the courts of Barcelona, Spain.

The user agrees to be in compliance with these general conditions for the use and enjoyment of the services offered by RocketROI and its website

11. Confidentiality:

During the contracted service period, as well as indefinitely after the end of the service contract, both parties undertake not to disclose to third parties any information that is considered confidential and which they have had access for the needs of the this contract.

Also, during this period, both parties undertake to maintain independently and under professional secrecy how many accesses to relevant information are necessary, including access to the management of the mentioned advertising channels.

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