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Learn step by step how to start using RocketROI. If you are not sure of ​​how our technology can help you improve the performance of your campaigns, this article will show you how to start working with RocketROI. Once you have sign up and linked your account, follow the steps below to start using the RocketROI tools.

1. Complete information
Enter the data we need to open your customer and user account in RocketROI.Once you have filled in your information, click on Register.

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2. Link your Adwords account
Click on the Google Adwords button, which will redirect you to another screen to complete the configuration. Remember that in order to make the link, you must log in with Google with the user of the Administrator of the account or the MCC of Adwords that you want to link. If not, the link will not succeed.

3. Choose a channel

If you want to create a structure, you must go to the structure generator of the tools menu. In this case, even if you previously selected a specific Google or Bing account, it will no longer be selected when you enter the tool automatically.

Thus, in the main screen where the summary of the feeds appears, all your feeds will appear, or in case of working with several clients, all the feeds that you have loaded for the client that you have previously selected. The feed that you have loaded will serve to create configurations of any medium or channel, so you can take advantage of it for multiple loads. For example, our customer X has an X_ES account for the Spanish market and another X_LAT account for the Latin American market, but we can use the same feed already loaded to make configurations in both accounts.

It will be within the Configurations section, and when creating a new configuration, when you will have to choose the medium, the channel, and therefore the account on which you want to generate the configuration. When you have several configurations, you can easily see on the screen a summary of each one that will indicate which medium, which channel and which account it belongs to.

Contact us if you have questions about the process.

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